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Not all assurance companies are created equal. In choosing Equal Assurance as your certification service provider you will have access to our vast network of providers and their extensive local knowledge. Contact us today to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation.

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Before choosing a provider of certification services, prospective clients should always take the following into consideration. Does the provider:

  • maintain suitable references and a solid track record?
  • have a working knowledge of your industry and business?
  • understand clearly your organization’s goals and objectives?
  • understand clearly the scope of work that is required?
  • have systems in place to effectively control the work?
  • have systems in place to manage the information you provide?
  • have systems in place to control and verify the outputs of the work?
  • provide “value-for-money” services?

And above all, does the provider truly have your best interests at heart?

Equal Assurance maintains the systems and delivery infrastructure necessary to ensure our partners, practices and people can answer “yes” to all of the above considerations. We invite you to query any of our people in order to gain the confidence in their capability to provide the required assurance services. Check out our members on this website to find the nearest or most convenient provider.

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